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hintergrund 03

5. Wiener Architektur Kongress: Agglomeration. European Sprawl

hintergrund 03 contains three texts written for the 5th Vienna Architecture Congress on the topic of "Agglomeration - European Sprawl" in 1996.



Klaus Ronneberger gives an overview of the state of the international debate at that time, using the example of the Rhine-Main area in Germany. Jean Pierre Garnier describes the discussion on the urban-rural relationship from the perspective of rural areas and presents it in the context of an ecological and social critique of the so-called “sustainable development” that is repeatedly called for. Aaron Betsky makes a leap into a symbolic world of “sprawl.” His lecture, reproduced here in an abbreviated version, uses the description of individual icons and design objects from our postmodern (90s) everyday life to address the question of how it can be possible to create points of orientation and “slowed down space” within the flows of capital, “sprawl” and information. In the context of the Vienna Walking Days, to which we would like to refer in this issue (as a small service for our readers outside Vienna), several thousand people have been walking through the most diverse districts of the city every Thursday evening for months. The comic figure in Axel Laimer’s “Crystal Clear Series” also walks. But on Wednesdays. Have fun. Me too, the self-promotion section of the Architektur Zentrum Wien looks back – and possibly forward again – to the Vienna Architecture Seminars.