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Yasmeen Lari

Architecture for the Future

Yasmeen Lari is Pakistan’s first woman architect. She designed iconic modernist buildings before initiating a zero-carbon self-build movement for climate refugees and landless communities. This exhibition uses Lari’s oeuvre as an example to show how the relationship of architecture to the future has changed. The book is available on site at the Az W Museumshop or online direkt bei MIT-Press.


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“We have to rethink everything, and we have to do it now,” states the over 80-year-old architect. The book discusses Lari’s exceptional trajectory from her modernist beginnings in the 1960s to her present-day humanitarian architecture based on decolonization and decarbonization. Since 2005, she has redefined architecture as climate activism – in one of the countries most affected by climate change globally. For her flood-resistant self-build program, Lari uses traditional technologies and low-cost materials, such as clay, lime and bamboo.

The book contains previously unpublished photographic and plan material from the architect’s archive. Eleven new essays by international authors from South Asia, Europe, Brazil, and the USA contextualize Yasmeen Lari’s life’s work with regard to questions of architecture and the future.