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Boden für Alle

The catalogue to the exhibition "Land For Us All" engages with some highly topical issues: the climate crisis, the rising price of housing and the threat of losing food sovereignty make the issue of land a decisive subject for the future. The clearly illustrated book, with analyses and case studies, as well as essays by Saskia Sassen, Gerhard Senft, Vandana Shiva, Robert Temel and Gerlind Weber, points the way to a courageous land policy.



Land is our most precious commodity, and it cannot be reproduced. Careless or capital-driven treatment of this resource has accelerated urban sprawl. The progressive sealing of the surface is contributing to the climate crisis and threatening food security. The hoarding of and speculation with land are increasing the price of housing development and leading to a creeping privatisation of public space. Poorly applied or unimplemented spatial planning measures, misguided tax laws and despondent policymaking continue to perpetuate the status quo instead of developing visions for the future.

The exhibition explains the political, legal and economic backgrounds vividly, in concrete terms and critically, and sometimes inadvertently absurdly. Case studies and explanations of the terms involved bring light into the thicket of responsible agents involved. Comparisons between countries illustrate strengths and weaknesses, while examples of best practice show alternative approaches. A collection of existing and feasible new measures points the way to spatial planning that conserves land as a resource, mitigates climate change, tackles housing issues and facilitates good architecture.