Architects’ Archives

From Raimund Abraham to Walter Zschokke – are you familiar with our collection of architects’ papers, documents and drawings?

Photo, demountable church Siemensstraße

Ottokar Uhl, demountable church Siemensstrasse, 1220 Vienna, 1960–1964
© Architekturzentrum Wien, Collection

One of the collection’s primary tasks is to secure architectural archives. More than 100 architects’ archives from throughout Austria offer insights into the history of architecture after 1945 and constitute the largest part of the Az W collection.

For more than a decade the Architekturzentrum Wien has been actively involved in securing the architectural legacy of post-war modernism. Wherever possible, architectural archives are taken over in their entirety. Our interest here is not just in documenting an aesthetic dimension, we aim also to cover the social and historical contexts. Alongside design drawings, plans and photographs or models, biographical and professional documents that reveal the material and intellectual framework of the individual architects’ archives are also included.

Architects’ Archives