Architektur Austria Gegenwart

View of a large terrace with wooden floors, wooden benches and a window front, one person sitting on a wooden bench

fasch&fuchs.architekten: Bundesschule Aspern, Vienna, 2017
© photograph: Hertha Hurnaus

What are the interesting buildings completed year for year in Austria? To provide an overview of recent architecture, in 1996 the Architekturzentrum Wien launched the first nationwide online collection of contemporary architecture in Austria. Since 1997, in cooperation with nextroom, this collection has been freely accessible online to everyone interested in architecture. Each selected building is represented with a descriptive text, project photographs, plans, biographical details and addresses, as well as information on its competition history and links to articles in the media.

For many years the architecture institutions in the federal provinces have also been partners in this collection, leaving the Az W free to focus on remarkable buildings in Vienna.

Curated by the Az W, over 25,000 buildings are currently covered online in this constantly expanding collection.


All Collection Partners

High building with glass façade in front of square with circular floor elements on which plants grow

Chaix & Morel et Associés with CA Pichler: UNH2.0 General renovation and extension, Vienna, 2019
© photograph: Wolfgang Thaler