Café Restaurant “Kaan” at the Az W

Cafe with many tables and armchairs and ornamental tile ceiling

Café Restaurant "Kaan" at the Architekturzentrum Wien
© photograph: Karin Lux

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The design and realisation of this café/restaurant in 2001 is by French architects Anne Lacaton and Jean Philippe Vassal. The skillful building with minimal use of materials shown here is now considered typical of their approach. Twenty years later, in 2021, Lacaton & Vassal were awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize for their work.

The pattern of the ceiling tiles was designed especially for this space by Turkish artist Asiye Kolbai-Kafalier in collaboration with the architects and was produced in Istanbul.

“We had this idea of a Turkish café in which you can sit very comfortably and chat for hours. We were confronted with a brick vault and the project idea was simply to hang a ‘firmament’ in this space. This firmament was made in ceramic, with Oriental tiles.” (Anne Lacaton)