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Ottokar Uhl

The Architekturzentrum Wien is publishing a comprehensive documentation of the work of Ottokar Uhl to accompany the exhibition "Ottokar Uhl. After the Rules of Architecture".


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Ottokar Uhl, born in 1931, is considered one of the major protagonists of Austrian architecture in the second half of the 20th century. His reputation is based on his innovative church buildings in the late 1950s, his cutting edge role with participatory building in Austria from the 1970s, and on his academic work. “The work of Ottokar Uhl exhorts, even insists on, a different view of space. As a space made by the people concerned. Aesthetics? Beauty? They are the result of the coordinated discussion of the concrete needs of the people concerned. Ottokar Uhl aims to structure and rationalize this socio-political process. He wants to make ‘rationalised’ living and building. Comprehensible, transparent, democratic.” (Dietmar Steiner)