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Hintergrund 50/51

Alexander Brodsky

Alexander Brodsky, to whom Az W dedicated an exhibition in 2011, is the distinguished figure for an artistic and architectural position that rejects the mainstream. His architectural and artistic manifestations are testimonials to a search for a new Russian identity. Accompanying the exhibition, the booklet with in-depth texts on Alexander Brodsky and his work offers a comprehensive insight into his oeuvre.



The landscape and cityscapes of Russia today include rampant growth in the property sector, kitsch oligarch’s palaces and magnificent buildings based on Western standards amidst prefabricated high-rises made with concrete slabs. However resistance is growing.
In Alexander Brodsky’s projects, which are characterised by clear simplicity and theatrical strength, never kitsch and never outdated, he frequently combines sharp criticism of the system with subtle irony. A radical and authentic individual position that sets an example for the West, too, here and today.
Born in 1955 in Moscow, Alexander Brodsky achieved international acclaim back in the 1980s as one of the most prominent proponents of the Russian ‘paper architects’, who refused to participate with their Utopian designs in the state structured and soulless building production process.
In the 1990s Brodsky concentrated on his artistic activities, and in 1996 he moved to New York. In 2000 he founded his unconventional architecture office and began completing restaurants, family homes and temporary architecture installations.