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Hintergrund 36

Entwerfen im Alltäglichen. Hohes Haus, Putz, dogMax

This issue of Hintergrund 36 is dedicated to a single theme and exhibition at Az West: dogMax. On display in this exhibition are the results of a course taught by visiting professor Andreas Hild at Graz University of Technology in the summer semester of 2007, which had as its content guideline the DOGMA95 manifesto of Danish filmmakers Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg, who called for a return to depicting real life.


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No sets, no artificial lighting, no special effects. As if the filmmaker were filming real life with his handheld camera. Hild translated the same rules to architectural education: away from digital castles in the air, where everything seems possible and nothing can really be built, into direct and everyday life. This was logically followed by a collaboration with a DIY store – a place, in other words, where the everyday house builder obtains his concrete materials in order to make his dreams a reality. With it had to be designed, drawn by hand, “without electricity”. The result of this are objects built 1:1 by the students themselves, exclusively from materials available in a hardware store.

What initially appears in this brief presentation as a striking actionist event has a very fundamental architectural-theoretical background that revisits a line of development in contemporary architecture that is currently still hidden behind star fetishism, computer credulity, lifestyle fashions and a “somehow modern”.