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Hintergrund 35

Architektur wahrnehmen

Hintergrund 35 deals in the broadest sense with the representability of architecture in words and images. Communication about what has already been built or what is yet to be built is always confronted with the necessity of having to "translate" the real object into an image or a description. Several texts are devoted to the difficulties and possibilities associated with this.



Wojciech Czaja shares his experiences as a traveling architectural journalist and describes a phenomenon that every amateur photographer knows all too well from his own travels: the urgent desire to photograph everything that one finds and thus to reproduce it photographically.
Marion Kuzmany, as organizer of our sonntagstours also an architecture traveler in the broader sense, refers in her text to the importance of the excursion as – as she states – an inevitable form of architectural mediation; after all, the real object is always perceived differently than its image.
As a supplement to the catalog of our exhibition on Margherita Spiluttini (Atlas Austria), we reprint a text by Christiane Zintzen, which was published in the NZZ as early as 2002, but which, in keeping with our thematic focus, explores the question of whether architectural photography can be objective at all.
In Gabriele Kaiser’s text, on the other hand, the focus is not on photography; she is concerned with language as a descriptive medium for buildings. In her work as an architectural journalist, she is constantly confronted with the problem of finding words for buildings – the right ones, if possible. But what are the “right” ones?