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Hintergrund 25

12. Wiener Architektur Kongress. Intelligente Regionen / Intelligent Regions

In addition to the metropolis, another field of research has become the focus of interest for architects, planners, social scientists and economists in recent years: the region. Several large-scale studies on various European regions, in which renowned architectural firms were involved, have been published in recent years: StadtLand Schweiz, RheinRuhrCity, Costa Iberica, Hiper Catalunia are just a few examples of this development. Hintergrund 25 illuminates the topic of "region" from a wide variety of perspectives.



As a result of globalization and the dissolution of traditional industrial locations in Central and Eastern Europe, many current and former centers are facing major challenges. The dissolution of borders and the advancing eastward expansion make a rethinking necessary – shrinking processes, for example, represent rather unfamiliar and difficult-to-handle phenomena in Central Europe, which believes in growth, but which can hold great potentials.

For all their differences in emphasis and location issues, the studies have some things in common. They all seek solutions for future development strategies on an interdisciplinary and transnational level, combine demographic and sociological data with questions of infrastructural and economic site improvement, the formation of sustainable structures and the improvement of interactions between metropolitan and rural environments.

The focus is on finding the conditions for qualitative growth, improving a region’s competitiveness by specializing and/or returning to existing characteristics, offering intelligent solutions for revitalizing and repurposing established structures, and creating new transportation hubs and corridors.