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Heinz Tesar

Portraits österreichischer Architekten. Band 1 / Portraits of Austrian Architects. Volume 1

He has been one of the most important and well-known representatives of an Austrian generation of architects that massively entered the architecture stage hitherto occupied by famous names like Hollein, Holzbauer, Peichl .... But he is also one of those for whom concentration on one's own work is more important than its media coverage: This is the reason why a comprehensive book on Heinz Tesar has not yet been published.



This despite the fact that his credo has left its trace on the architectural landscape far beyond Vienna’s limits. Although housing projects and a kindergarten were planned by Tesar in the Austrian capital, his most representative building, the Schömer house, is located in Klosterneuburg, Lower Austria. Tesar has also left his architectural signature in Hallein: the conversion of the city theatre and the celtic museum constitute two of his most remarkable works.