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Best of Austria 2010_11

Architektur / Architecture

"Best of Austria 2010_11. Architecture" is already the third publication in a series that – very successfully – brings Austrian architecture to a wide audience. The Austrian building culture is defined here as including those structures that are built in Austria and those completed by Austrian architects, both domestically and abroad. In doing so, we bring all of the projects from 2010 and 2011 that were awarded with national and international prizes out `in front of the curtain´. This forms a panorama of the Austrian architectural landscape and produces surprising – both charming as well as strange – effects, like when a massive conference center in China is juxtaposed with a small car port in Tirol.



The book illustrates an up-to-date cross section of approximately 180 projects, complemented by the ten people or teams who won prizes for their work. But even this large quantity is only a portion of the architectural and construction productivity because some projects are never submitted for competitions and because of the juries’ biases. Though indisputably famous, the juries and their decisions are always subjective and indebted to the intentions of their respective foci: regional, thematic and temporal. And it becomes evident that the spectrum of prizes continues to expand and new prizes are constantly founded each year. As in many fields, sustainability has become a key topic, and it is to be hoped that the finer details of construction do not lose sight of those aspects that protect our resources.
The publication series “Best of Austria” was founded as a result of the First Austrian Report on Building Culture and is based on the initiative of Dr. Claudia Schmied, Federal Minister for Education, Arts and Culture. Every two years, it presents Austrian architecture to a wide audience.