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WeinArchitektur / WineArchitecture

Vom Keller zum Kult / The Winery Boom

For the exhibition "WineArchitecture. WineArchitecture - The Winery Boom" (22.09.2005–06.02.2006) at the Architekturzentrum Wien, this catalog was published. In the east and southeast of Austria, an international scene of contemporary architecture with viticulture has consistently made its presence felt. A new architectural language has developed along with this newly defined brief, one that moves between sensitive approaches to traditional forms of building and self-confident interpretations of contemporary demands. The publication "WeinArchitektur. WineArchitecture. Vom Keller zum Kult. The Winery Boom" presents for the first time a well-founded Austrian survey of this phenomenon. The comprehensive catalog accompanying the exhibition of the same name shows how the "new Austrian wine architecture has condensed the culture of wine and architecture into a singular, joint cultural achievement".



Christian Seiler, a brilliant journalist and writer who meanders between all the worlds of culture, composes th central essay for this catalogue, a publication which has matured into a reference book on the new Austrian „WineArchitecture“. This text will be supplemented an expanded on by a contribution from Ralph Eue who is able to cast a well-informed glance over the international framework of the wine and architecture industry. As one of of the most successful new Austrian wine architects, Martina Grabensteiner, is providing boards bearing succinct accounts of the Austrian wine miracle with text and images.