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Transmodernity. Austrian Architects

Henke und Schreieck, Jabornegg & Pálffy, Riegler Riewe

The work of the three teams presented is the concentrated representation of a much broader and multi-faceted scene in the current Austrian architecture panorama. Variations of a transformed modernity can be seen in the works of many others, from Vienna to Tirol to Vorarlberg. It is hardly possible to mention them all in this context, let alone describe them in any adequate way.


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They do not by any means constitute a movement, a “school “, or a style, yet they share a will to overcome the tyranny of the object and image, to create through their architecture not the arbitrary but the structured void, infinite openness, a condition about which Dominique Perrault has said: “The work is without style, without expression, not overcharged with preciosity, without code or requirements of knowledge … ” They are architectures, which in their most divergent facets do not produce “strong images “, but rather powerful sensual aggregates in the service of qualities beyond that which can be illustrated. The reality of these architectures is not their photogenic forms, but rather that which integrates the buildings into the flow of our lives.