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Projekt für eine Stadt der Zukunft

A comprehensive catalogue is being published to accompany the exhibition "SocióPolis. Project for a City of the Future" at the Architekturzentrum Wien. SocióPolis was created to develop a "a living place with a sense of solidarity" to explore how to promote better social interaction between residents in the city of Valencia and to propose new ways of living that are typical for the social, technological and ecological conditions of our time.


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“For the first time in the new millennium the SocióPolis project is designing a truly integrative and hybrid vision of the European town for the future. SocióPolis is setting new standards by realising a dream of social balance where all people potentially have the same opportunities – a dream of lifting all the borders between town and country by farming within the town limits. SocióPolis does this employing all-new technology and has engaged some of the most talented and interesting architects in the world to provide their contribution. ” Dietmar Steiner
The publication presents comprehensive coverage of the projects submitted by the invited teams with a focus on architecture/social interaction/nature and new technology.