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Robert Örley

Portraits österreichischer Architekten. Band 3

In the Viennese scene, the trained carpenter and master builder Robert Örley played a decisive role in important institutions: as president of the Vienna Secession, the Society of Austrian Architects and the Austrian Werkbund, as well as vice president of the Central Association of Architects (ZV). In 1996 the Architekturzentrum Wien dedicated an exhibition to Örley's complete oeuvre (26.03.1996–05.05.1996), for which this catalog was published.


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Robert Örley (1876–1945) was a self-taught architect who belonged to the core of the Austrian avant-garde during the most productive phase of Viennese Modernism. Around 1910, his early villa buildings and especially the Luithlen Sanatorium put him among the ranks of Adolf Loos and Josef Hoffmann, Jože Pleènik, Leopold Bauer and the Gessner brothers.
Peter Nigst reconstructed Robert Örley’s work from the few surviving sources as part of his dissertation. The exhibition at the Architekturzentrum Wien shows all available plan and photographic material, accompanied by models and examples of Örley’s numerous furniture and fabric designs. Thus, for the first time, a vivid examination of the development of this wanderer between modernism and Heimatstil becomes possible.