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Österreichische Architektur im 20. Jahrhundert. Friedrich Achleitner

Band III/3

More than 40 years ago, Friedrich Achleitner began a project that he thought would occupy him for three years: He wanted to record the successful and characteristic building fabric of Austrian architecture in the 20th century and document it in context in a handy architectural guide.



Since then, he has driven thousands of kilometers, collected countless photos, plans, texts – and now the project is complete. The new volume of this unique architectural guide covers the relevant building fabric of Vienna (19th – 23rd districts), which is thus fully documented. In doing so, Friedrich Achleitner treats architecture in the broadest sense of the term: he is not exclusively concerned with presenting so-called “modernism”, but with recording various phenomena in the history of building, insofar as we see them today as witnesses to historical developments.