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Die Architektur des österreichischen Kulturinstitutes von Raimund Abraham / The Architecture of the Austrian Cultural Institute by Raimund Abraham

Raimund Abraham`s design for the Austrian Cultural Institute New York stands out for several reasons: it will be this seminal architect`s most important building in New York to date. It will be the most significant public building that Austria has ever commissioned abroad. And, regardless of its relatively small size, it will rank among the most noteworthy buildings in Manhattan constructed in the 1990s.


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All these factors played a part in the decision to present this project to a broader public when construction was begun. This exhibition is made possible by the generosity of Dr. Hannes Pflaum, who has made a permanent loan of his collected drawings, models and working plans for this project, so vital to Austrian architecture, to the Architektur Zentrum Wien. It has been the Architekturzentrum Wien`s policy to collect a representative selection of Austrian architectural works from this century and the next. This publication and the exhibition exist only because several people involved in the project agreed to supply research information. In this respect, I would like to mention that especially interviewed persons in New York – Richard Meier, Kenneth Frampton, Terence Riley, Bernard Tschumi, and Steven Holl – spontaneously agreed to give in-depth interviews on short notice. Experts in New York accord much greater importance to the project than Austrian political circles. All this leads us to assume that Raimund Abraham`s project for the Austrian Cultural Institute New York will open up immense cultural opportunities for Austria, which will hopefully be used to their greatest advantage.