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Lessons from Bernard Rudofsky

Life as a Voyage

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ISBN-13: 978-3-7643-8360-2
296 pages, approx. 216 illustrations
Published by the Architekturzentrum Wien and The Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles
Contributions by Andrea Bocco-Guarneri, Wim de Wit, Monika Platzer, Felicity Scott and Maria Welzig

‘What we need is not a new way of technology but a new way of living’, that is the subtitle of one of Rudofsky’s last works.

Starting out from the assumption that the design of every single room in a house is based on a physical function: one place to lie the body down to rest, another to take in food, a third to step into a tub to bath, Rudofsky believed architecture served to stimulate the senses and refine quotidian culture. This conception of architecture and design by Bernard Rudofsky (1905-88) is more topical today than ever. Internationally renowned in his day for the exhibitions he created for MoMA in the 1940s and 1950s, today he is remembered above all for his sharp-tongued, witty books, which still speak to a broad audience.

‘Lessons from Bernard Rudofsky’ is more than essays by experts providing an introduction to the complex concept of architecture and living of this cosmopolite and unconventional thinker; it also offers rich visual material to convey his thinking about architecture: “I believe that sensory pleasure should take precedence over intellectual pleasure in art and architecture.”

006 Foreword Thomas Crow and Dietmar Steiner
008 Foreword Mirko Zardini
012 Lessons from Bernard Rudofsky: Introduction Monika Platzer
035 Learning from Bernard Rudofsky: Photographs
076 Viennese Interactions Maria Welzig
098 Rudofsky’s Discomfort: A Passion for Travel Wim de Wit
126 The Art of Dwelling Andrea Bocco Guarneri
172 An Eye for Modern Architecture Felicity D. Scott
211 Books by Bernard Rudofsky
231 Bernard Rudofsky for Domus—A Selection
232 Reprints
260 Translations
260 The Discovery of an Island
262 What We Need Is Not a New Technology but a New Way of Living
271 Negative Panorama
274 Fashion: Inhuman Garment
278 Variations
282 The Origins of the House
286 About Bernard Rudofsky
289 About Berta Rudofsky
290 Index
295 Acknowledgments
296 Photograph credits

Design: Gabriele Lenz with the help of Ewa Kaja, Elmar Bertsch
Proofreading, Index: Claudia Mazanek
Translations: Wolfgang Astelbauer, English–German; Edit Moroder, Italian–German; Jonathan Quinn, German–English
Edited by Monika Platzer with the help of David Baum, Marion Krammer