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Hollein Calling

Architectural Dialogues

Hans Hollein, Pritzker Prize winner and self-proclaimed 1960s avant-gardist, was a meticulous curator of his own work in his lifetime. Nearly ten years after his death, Hollein Calling presents a wealth of previously unpublished material from his key projects and, through a dialogue with the work of a contemporary generation, lays the ground for a reassessment that brings Hollein’s thinking and building back into the current discourse.



Interviews with: Reem Almannai and Florian Fischer (Almannai Fischer Architekten, Munich), Aslı Çiçek (Brussels), Pier Paolo Tamburelli (baukuh, Milan), Dirk Somers (Bovenbouw Architectuur, Antwerp), Claudia Cavallar (Vienna), Maria Conen and Raoul Sigl (Conen Sigl Architekt:innen, Zurich), David Kohn (David Kohn Architects, London), Stefanie Everaert and Caroline Lateur (Doorzon, Ghent ), Andreas Rumpfhuber (Expanded Design, Vienna), Wilfried Kuehn (Kuehn Malvezzi, Berlin), Oliver Lütjens and Thomas Padmanabhan (Lütjens Padmanabhan Architekt*innen, Zurich), Beate Hølmebakk (Manthey Kula, Oslo), Martin Feiersinger (Vienna), Job Floris (Monadnock, Rotterdam), Kersten Geers (OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen, Brussels)

Projects by Hans Hollein: Retti Candle Shop (1964–1965), Richard Feigen Gallery (1967–1969), Austriennale (1968), Siemens Foundation (1969–1972), Media Lines (1971–1972), Schullin I Jewelry Store (1972–1974), Abteiberg Municipal Museum (1972–1982), MAN transFORMS (1974–1976), Austrian Travel Agency (1976–1979), Glassware and Ceramic Museum Tehran (1977–1978), Köhlergasse Elementary School (1979–1990), Schullin II Jewelry Store (1981–1982), Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art (1982–1991), Haas Haus (1985–1990), Vulcania (1994–2002)