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Hintergrund 52

Architecture Lounge

This issue of Az W-Magazine Hintergrund is dedicated exclusively to the unique Architecture Lounge. As the Austrian architecture museum one of our major concerns is to strengthen the dialogue between architecture, politics and business. With this aim in mind a new platform was established 2004 in which market leaders – in terms of quantity and quality – are brought together. In this platform for committed businesses and associations top priority is given to the exchange of knowledge and the concept of networking. Hintergrund 52 traces the exciting development of the process of creation and provides unique insights into the past years.



The Architecture Lounge cannot be compared with conventional sponsoring models. Learning, networking and hospitality are the three terms which best describe this field of communication between architecture, business and politics – a network from which those involved can draw important stimuli for their own business activities.
In 2004, this partner program, specially developed for companies, was introduced. Exclusive annual member conferences, which are only offered to members, offer the opportunity to devote themselves to topics related to architecture and culture in a workshop-like atmosphere, independently of their everyday business. A special highlight is the annual Architecture Lounge trip to exciting architectural destinations. The booklet takes a vivid tour through the member conferences as well as the trips of the last few years and provides insights into the respective travel programs, which range from access to planning and building events in the respective regions, to visits to urban development projects, to lectures by competent local experts, by property developers, architects, and representatives of authorities.