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Hintergrund 48

Platz da!

Don't you dare throw away a book! / Crossing the square in shoes is prohibited / Building a house is strictly forbidden / ... etc. On the occasion of the exhibition `Platz da! European Public Space´ the Hintergrund 48 was published, which dedicates an entire issue to the explosive topic of "public space".



The 10th anniversary of the biennial European Prize for Public Space organized by the CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona) prompted Az W to take an exemplary approach to the topic of “public space” and its creative and socio-political manifestations. The present Hintergrund was published on the occasion of the exhibition “Platz da! European Public Space” (14.10.2010 -–31.01.2011), in which award-winning international projects were juxtaposed with different facets of Viennese reality; the forms of representation and regulation of public spaces in Vienna and elsewhere were examined on the basis of “established squares” and current artistic and urbanistic interventions. In this issue you can study public space as a “stage of social relations”, but also explore the critical potential of architectural “occupations”.

In addition, the subject area was explained in a variety of ways by Andrea Seidling, Marion Kuzmany, Gabriele Kaiser, Dietmar Steiner, the architects Erich Hubmann & Andreas Vass as well as Hermann Czech and Otto Kapfinger.