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Hintergrund 41

16. Wiener Architekturkongress. „The Making of Architecture“

The 16th Viennese Congress of Architecture on 22.11.2008 was looking for a new theme for the exhibition "The Force Is in the Mind. The Making of Architecture", the 16th Vienna Architecture Congress sought to reflect on the tension between the potential of tools and the demands of individual creative strategies in order to pause in the permanent production of architecture. This pause focused on architecture before architecture: on the methods and processes, the tools, the sources of inspiration and their interaction. How thinking, imagining and creating architecture drives a specific architectural knowledge production was the focus of the conference and can be read in this background.



The field research on architecture, which the 16th Vienna Architecture Congress articulated as speaking from within and from without, showed how expectations are raised by tools. The dialectic between imagination and representation drives the methodology forward. How tools narrow or widen the creativity gap, increase time pressure or unfold their increased productivity through individual lists, feints, tricks and maneuvers in the design with and against themselves, this is a challenging question that arises anew with every new design. The question of how to deal with what is, as a room for negotiation between context and creation, inspiration and method, characterizes the procedures. Emotional intelligence and strategic repeatability are the tension between the two. The world out there is weighed in the balance as a reality that can be interpreted, quoted, deformed, changed, as a stream of data in various ways that plays into the design process.

Design processes are neither universalistic nor uniform, but diversified departure from the possibilities as a presupposed standard of collective knowledge, as stored in the tools, into the individualized knowledge production architecture.