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Hintergrund 26

12. Wiener Architektur Kongress. Bart Lootsma, Michael Shamiyeh, Peter Sloterdijk

On the occasion of the 12th Vienna Architecture Congress on the topic of "Intelligent Regions. Intelligent Regions", the present Hintergrund 26 was published. In recent decades, there has been a renewed interest in regions and regional planning, which is taken into account in this issue.



The reasons for this are more or less obvious: Many cities have reached their limits. Metropolises have outgrown themselves and form megacities. In some parts of the world, cities have grown together to form new groupings with multiple cores. Other regions, in turn, are collectively shrinking. More recently, new European Union policies have reinforced this shift away from cities and toward regions. Many core issues at the European level have to do with economic competitiveness, but social cohesion, identity and sustainable development are also key. Spatial planning is a means to manage all these concerns.

We are in the midst of a “Second Modernity” defined by global communication and transport networks. Naturally, this also generates changes in architecture and urban planning. Franz E. Kneissl, Bart Lootsma, Michael Hamiyeh and Peter Sloterdijk shed light on the different facets of the topic “regions” in their contributions.