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Hintergrund 23

The Austrian Phenomenon. Konzeptionen Experimente. Wien Graz 1958–1973

Accompanying the exhibition "The Austrian Phenomenon. Concepts Experiments. Vienna Graz 1958–1973", a special issue of the magazine Hintergrund is published with text contributions on the topics of the mythology of architecture, the historicization of the Austrian Phenomenon and the question "What is an experiment?"



The projects completed by circles of architects in Vienna and Graz between 1958-1973 have achieved mythical status as well as international recognition as part of the neo-avant-garde in the history of architecture since 1945. In the exhibition the work of individuals behind the Austrian phenomenon was to be documented in extensive chronologies of their work with biographical information these include: Raimund Abraham, Domenig/Huth, Coop Himmelblau, Bernhard Hafner, Hans Hollein, Missing Link and Zünd up, and many more). Combined with topical events of the time the international and local contexts are provided to form an incomplete whole signalising that the Austrian Phenomenon is to be seen “mass of unregulated singularities”. This collection of fragments, consisting of around 50 authors or authors’ collectives in juxtaposition to one another, is supplemented by individual prominent and striking pieces of work. These are being presented in their original form to show the breadth of scope of the working methods applied, from sketches to Happenings.