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hintergrund 17

Fläche im Raum

In this hintergrund three lectures from the series "Fläche im Raum" (Surface in Space) are published, which presented current projects by international architects on the design of public space in European cities and regions on four evenings last year. Planning strategies and designs for urban space, landscape and garden, village and small town space, as well as the periphery of urban zones were the focal points of this lecture series curated by Johannes Porsch.



The series was supported by Ebenseer Betonwerke and Zement + Beton. Two projects from these were selected and presented under the title “The Village Square”: Ernst Bender’s Otto Wagner Urban Design Award-winning urban project in Waidhofen an der Ybbs and AWG’s FUZI village design (Innichen pedestrian zone).
A research project initiated by Philipp Oswalt and Klaus Overmeyer will be presented on the topic of “The Urban Fringe”: “Urban Catalysts – strategies for temporary use”. Within the framework of this project, in addition to Berlin, Amsterdam, Naples and Helsinki, temporary uses of vacant urban spaces were also investigated in Vienna for their potential as future alternative instruments of urban planning. Vacant spaces that will no longer be put to interim use but will be razed to the ground in the near future were captured by Elisabeth Czihak and Walter Ebenhofer in their photo series “Leerstände”(Vacancy). As prototypes for an export hopeful to the then Soviet Union, the Voest steelworks built two twenty-story prefabricated buildings on the Harterplateau near Linz in the early 1970s, whose residents were relocated last year to newly constructed apartment buildings.