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hintergrund 14

Texte zum 9. Wiener Architektur Kongress

The hintergrund 14 offers a review of 3 lectures that could be heard at the 9th Vienna Architecture Congress in November 2001. Essays by Georg Franck, Bettina Köhler and Neil Leach shed light on various issues.



The discussion of the questions raised by the exhibition “Sturm der Ruhe. What is Architecture?” begins with theories and history of perception by Bettina Köhler.
Neil Leach takes a great leap from the blasé individual described by Simmel in 1903 to a redefinition of the urban (and architectural) consumer at the beginning of the 21st century in his essay “The Aesthetic Cocoon”. A corresponding personality test “Do you cocoon?” can be found afterwards.
In his lecture “What is architecture?” Georg Franck examines the discipline against the background of his theories on the “economy of attention” and questions the possibilities of the arbitrariness thesis with regard to a definition of concepts and values of built space.