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hintergrund 10

8. Wiener Architektur Kongress

Three papers from the 8th Vienna Architecture Congress, November 2000, on "Architecture and Publishing. Publishing Architecture." by Martin Pawley, Edward Ford and Mario Carpo can be read in this backgrounder.



With the theme “Architecture and Publishing Architecture”, the Az W entered the meta-level of architectural mediation in November of last year. The focus was not on the inner debate of architecture and planning, but on the conditions and strategies of media exploitation. An approach to the topic took place via lectures and several discussion rounds under different aspects. For three days, architectural journalists and critics discussed “Architectural Criticism in the Feuilleton”, “Architecture on the Newsstand: Between Criticism and Affirmation, Lifestyle and Architectural Reporting”, “Theory Magazines: Strategies, Positioning, Future? In the field of tension between publishers and architects. Positionings and Strategies” and “The Architecture Debate in Austria: Positions, Developments, Possibilities”. Kerstin Gust summarized the discussions for hintergrund.