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hintergrund 05

6. Wiener Architektur Kongress

hintergrund 05 contains three further texts that were written for the 6th Vienna Architecture Congress on the theme "Hearts of Europe - Bypasses, Implants and Magnets for the Cities" in 1997. The second part of the texts takes a look at Bilbao, Lyon and Lille - three cities that can be used to illustrate very well the attempts of repositioning and reorientation after the decline of the dominant industries.



“The de-industrialization of the post-industrial era calls for a radical economic and cultural reorientation. If our cities do not want to perish, they are forced to define themselves as products. They must increase their attractiveness to create a favorable investment climate and new incentives. In addition to geographically determined location qualities – accessibility, the climate of leisure opportunities – the focus here is on the accumulation of institutions, especially those of administration, education, research, art, culture and sport.
Urban quality as urban growth and urban redevelopment is on the agenda. But urban quality also as the frequency and intensity of human relationships, as the diversity of ways of life and the overlapping and superimposition of a wide variety of uses. Differences have to be layered on top of each other again instead of being segmented.
Animating architecture activates social readiness, creates proximity and supports the desire to be there. Animation stands for the filling of an emotional deficit. Animating spaces arouse desire and stimulate. Motivating urban spaces create identity, which is of benefit to society as a whole. Identity as an indication against alienation, uprooting and disorientation of its inhabitants. An essential prerequisite for this is the creation of distinctiveness. ( … )” (Birgit Seissl)