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hintergrund 01

3. Wiener Architektur Kongress

hintergrund is the result of a lengthy internal and external discussion on the question of how essential contributions to architectural theory and debate can be disseminated today. It starts with three lectures - by Richard Ingersoll, Liane Lefaivre and Michael Mönninger - given at the 3rd Vienna Architecture Congress on the topic 'Common places / Conventional Thougths in Chaos Europe'.


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The Architekturzentrum Wien has been organizing the annual Vienna Architecture Congress since its foundation in 1993. From 1995 onwards, the Vienna Architecture Congresses were dedicated to acute topics of European architecture and urban planning, with outstanding international speakers whose contributions made an important contribution to the architectural-theoretical „land surveying’ of Europe. Every year, after each congress, there was a strong demand from the dedicated audience for a publication of the lectures. In numbers 1-9, we are now catching up on what was missed. hintergrund publishes selected texts from the congresses ‘in portions’, as a deliberately fast-moving, cheaply producible format. In the section Me too we present the individual program and event tracks of the Architekturzentrum Wien. That Yellow Bastard and Crystal Clear, the comic series by Axel Laimer, will be a fixed part of each issue as serialized stories.