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Emerging Architecture 3 / Kommende Architektur 3

Beyond Architainment

Each volume of the "Emerging Architecture " series presents 10 teams of a younger generation in Austria. The third selection complements the previous exhibitions to form an " Austrian trilogy ". " Emerging Architecture " offers a supraregionally oriented showcase for ongoing positions and unfolds a dense spectrum of mentalities within the country. An exceptional diversity of new and autonomous positions elaborated from Vienna to Vorarlberg, and from Tirol to Styria, is thus concisely outlined with 30 teams and a total of 180 buildings and projects.


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Correspondence between claims and reality, ideas translated into materiality, served as a crucial criterion for the selection. ” Beyond Architainment ” is the motto guiding this selection. The exhibition seeks promising quality rather than striking novelty. The architects presented here consequently and consistently develop quite different approaches – spatial, constructive, functional and creative themes of relevance – which they materialize in buildings that have already gained recognition among specialist circles but still await a broader echo.