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Elementare Architektur


In his book first published in 1963 with photographs by Josef Dapra, Raimund Abraham explores the roots of anonymous building using examples of primitive timber and stone structures in the Alpine regions of Austria, Switzerland and Italy.


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“It is this book’s task to remove the results of primitive building methods from the isolation of the tradition in which they stand in order to view them as pure constructions. Sphere, cube and cylinder are the recurring elements of architecture that obey a timeless order. These examples are intended to show how simple building concepts can be realised unambiguously and convincingly using primitive means within the boundaries of geographic dependence.” (from the preface by R. Abraham)
The classic illustrated book, which has been out of print for years, is now being reissued by the Architekturzentrum Wien as a two-language English / German edition and expanded to include a conversation between Dietmar M. Steiner and R. Abraham. The book design is based on the graphic concept of the first edition by Ernst F. Graf and Walter Pichler.