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BUS:STOP Krumbach

How could anyone come up with the idea of publishing a book of postcards in this day and age? At a time when text messages seem almost antiquated and young people are already turning their backs on Facebook, the next hype is unlikely to be a postcard. Guaranteed not.



The postcard is an endearing greeting from another time and a kind of time travel. A short trip to the nineties of the century before last, when one still liked to stir up feelings of envy about the current vacation destination by postcard from afar. The postcard experienced its first heyday with the development of rail and bus travel. This makes the connection to the BUS:STOP Krumbach bus shelters historically clear. At the beginning of the 20th century, bus and postcard were the unbeatable dream team for travelers. The bus opened up entire regions in terms of transportation. However, the bus opened up not only landscapes, but also people. You didn’t have to be rich or overly daring to travel abroad with others. Admittedly, a little adventurous spirit was required, but it was always rewarded. At each destination of the journey, at each bus stop, there was a “sight” to marvel at. What was worth seeing received its tourist consecration by becoming a postcard motif. The artwork, the landscape and the regional culture are photographed, reproduced and sent en masse. The destination sets off on its own as a postcard.

And that is a nice invitation to invite as many people as possible to the Bregenzerwald in Vorarlberg. But please take the bus!