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Best of Austria 2014_15

Architektur / Architecture

The fifth edition of this periodical publication offers a special opportunity to take stock of how things have developed so far. The approximately 800 award-winning projects featured in a total of five volumes provide an excellent overview of the best architecture in and from Austria over the last 15 years.



In review, certain trends and tendencies can easily be recognized. For example, the financial crisis of 2007, which made itself seen in a drop in awardworthy projects in industry, business, and trade, a reduction that is more mildly reflected in the tourism and recreation sector. The growth of high density areas and a more careful approach to property and land in general can be seen in an increase in award-winning projects in large-scale residential construction – a welcome development that makes it clear that despite standardization and tight financial constraints, planners are able to realize their projects with great care at a high degree of quality. `Best of Austria. Architecture´ is a review of the nation’s building culture that creates publicity for Austria’s architecture and the many people involved both domestically and internationally.
The around 170 projects per issue create a diverse panorama that ranges from small villages to big cities, from minimal interventions to mega-structures, one-person offices to those of the `big players´, and from minimalistic formal vocabulary to expressive design. This great breadth of range makes it possible to include not only the highlight projects featured in national and international books and magazines, but also draws smaller projects on to the stage.
The numerous images in this publication make Austrian architectural creations accessible not only to experts in the field, but to a wide spectrum of interested readers, and is able to successfully convince even laypersons of the importance of good design. The published series of publications titled “Best of Austria. Architecture” is an initiative of the Austrian Federal Chancellery.