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Architecture in Austria

A Survey of the 20th Century

This publication was developed in connection with the presentation of the exhibition "Architecture in Austria. A look back on the century" in Spain. Both the exhibition and the publication provide the most comprehensive overview of Austrian 20th century architecture.


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With a selection of 100 realized buildings, the roots, the landmarks and the changing conditions of modern architecture in our country are conveyed. With over 500 documents – with photographs, many sketches shown for the first time, working plans and models – a holistic picture of the building process is presented.

This overview also raises the question of Austria’s specific contribution. Not to establish a uniqueness, but to expose regional layers, focal points and competences in a transnational metier.
The exhibition was presented in 1995 / 1996 in the DAM (Deutsches Architektur Museum Frankfurt a. Main) in the context of the Austria – focus of the book fair. In 1997 the exhibition was shown modified in the Shed-Halle St. Pölten and toured through Spain from autumn 1998.