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arbeitsgruppe 4.1950–1970

Wilhelm Holzbauer, Friedrich Kurrent, Johannes Spalt

The book is published to accompany the exhibition of the same name at the Vienna Architecture Center, contains an annotated history of the work of the "a4", places it in the Austrian as well as international context, and sheds light on its interconnectedness with all branches of art in Vienna in the 1950s and 1960s. Finally, it presents the avant-garde group as a tireless mediator who advanced the discourse on architecture and urban planning with publications, exhibitions, rescue operations, and not least with their own realizations.



arbeitsgruppe 4, with its incisive protagonists Wilhelm Holzbauer, Friedrich Kurrent, Otto Leitner and Johannes Spalt, was founded in 1950 while they were still students; today it has already become a myth in recent Austrian architectural history. After Otto Leitner left in 1953, architect friend Anna-Lülja Praun coined the name “Dreiviertler”, which became legendary on the Viennese scene. In the following years, the studio in Vienna’s Josefstadt, Fuhrmannsgasse 4, was not only a meeting place and interface for a young generation of architects, but also an important venue for the Viennese cultural scene.