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Standardhäuser. Die Häuslbauer. Erster Teil

Das Fertighaus: Idee - Geschichte - Industrie

This catalog block is devoted to the subject of prefabricated houses. This was published to accompany the exhibition of the same name.This publication focuses on the concept of prefabricated, serially produced detached single-family homes. The catalogue establishes a dialogue between the corresponding architectural tradition and, the manufacturing techniques and marketing considerations of the prefabricated home industry.


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Trends toward standardization can be found throughout the history of architecture. Especially in modern times, architects often elaborated on the issue of industrial, that is, the affordable and quick production of houses. This catalogue includes the most interesting contributions to this concept. Apart from the solutions offered by architects, there is a wide range of standard or prefabricated houses made by the construction industry. In view of the increasing popularity of this form of housing, the debate on architecture and settlement can no longer ignore it. Therefore, in this catalogue, the phenomenon of prefabricated houses finds a new forum for debate. The third focus of this catalogue consists of designs by famous architects developed under the premise of standardization.