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Neues Bauen heute

Europäische Architektur der Neunzigerjahre

This book is a journey through Europe. A gathering of the most important buildings of recent years and a pictorial and critically reflective survey of current contemporary European architecture. It shows, as simplified in the book's title: "New Building Today". And yet it differs quite fundamentally from a quick survey of famous buildings, contains much more than an up-to-date survey of the most important buildings of the late 1980s and early 1990s in Europe.


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This book is also the report on the I. and II. Wiener Architekturkongress, and the claim to be a “Viennese Congress” at least frivolously considers its historical component – a kind of new land survey of the European territory of architecture. We have invited distinguished “connoisseurs” of the situation in the 22 countries represented here. Art and architecture historians, critics, directors and staff of architectural institutions – in their selection of the most important projects of recent years, they all offer a naturally subjective assessment. However, this is combined with analyses of the content, which ultimately also provide information about the state of the discussion in the individual countries.