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Johannes Spalt

Wahlverwandtschaften / Elective Affinities

Johannes Spalt's understanding of architecture always encompasses the cultural whole; whether these are models from other cultures or disciplines, is of secondary importance to Spalt. In this publication, his encyclopedic approach is presented in the sense of a visual collage work and thus best conveys the Spaltian mindset, which as a model has not lost its relevance to this day.


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Johannes Spalt is one of the most important representatives of the Austrian architectural scene after 1945. Trained at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna under Clemens Holzmeister, Spalt felt drawn to Adolf Loos and Josef Frank at an early stage after an intensive engagement with international modernism. His lifelong “thinking with history” gives rise to an undogmatic oeuvre whose pluralistic approach often manifests itself in the combination of tradition and modernity so specific to Austria. His continuous preoccupation with issues such as mobile furniture, living, small architectures (including Salettl) characterize his architectural oeuvre.