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Hintergrund 46/47

Friedrich Achleitner 80

On the occasion of Friedrich Achleitner's 80th birthday, Hintergrund 46/47 was published. Colleagues, companions and friends of Achleitner have come up with something about the work and/or person and thus created a sensitive and entertaining portrait study.



Since Friedrich Achleitner has already expressed a great deal of good sense about countless buildings and architects in the course of his writing career, we have turned the tables this time and invited a few of his colleagues, companions and friends to come up with ideas about Achleitner’s work and/or person. “The sum of the contributions should result in a kind of portrait study – drawn by many hands”, we wrote in our letter of invitation, without suspecting the range of texts, comments, drawings and photos that would actually reach us.

Numerous contributions are intended – as flashing highlights – to shed some light on the Achleitner cosmos or to offer insights “for themselves”.