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Hintergrund 38

Tel Aviv

In July 2003, UNESCO elevated the city center of Tel Aviv to the status of a World Heritage Site. The Israeli city by the sea - little known in this country - has a unique ensemble of more than 4,000 houses in the New Building style, some of which have only been restored in recent years. Under the title `The White City of Tel Aviv - The Modern Movement, an exhibition organized by the city of Tel Aviv has been touring the world since 2004. From February 20 to May 19, 2008 (on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel), it will be shown for the first time in German-speaking countries at the Architekturzentrum Wien.


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Issue 28 of Hintergrund – as an accompanying booklet to the exhibition – devotes its entire thematic section to the Israeli metropolis. The city sees itself as the secular and liberal counterpart to the historically heavy and hotly contested Jerusalem. Tel Aviv’s functionalist architecture can only be understood in the context of a Zionist-socialist project that was concerned with a New Man, the New Israeli. But the appearance of a modern, cosmopolitan Israel in its own right should not obscure the fact that Tel Aviv also has a history of intense conflict. The exhibition “The White City” represents the Israeli view – guided by justified pride – of a remarkable urbanistic project. In this thematic issue, however, criticism of this perspective on the city’s history will also have its place.