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Hintergrund 29

Section N

This issue of Az W Hintergrund is dedicated to Katarina Noever's Section N Archive. Section N was a singular enterprise for Vienna, representing an information point that conveyed a comprehensive concept of quality for the things in our living environment in a way that was as pleasurable as it was critical.



It was a special honor that Katarina Noever chose the Architekturzentrum Wien to present her CD-ROM with the processed archive of the now legendary Section N.
Section N was a “general store” run by Noever with passionate curiosity, a European design center en miniature that was a non-institutional attempt to build a regional and international network for contemporary, design intelligence in Vienna.

So there are enough historical, cautionary and resistant reasons to dedicate this issue of Az W-Hintergrund to Katarina Noever’s Section N archive. Historic also means that it is intended to commemorate a pioneering achievement that has not been followed by a comparable successor