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hintergrund 16

9 = 12 Neues Wohnen in Wien

"It was in the fall of 2000 that Adolf Krischanitz informed me of an extraordinary project. A model of housing settlement was to be built in Vienna. On the outskirts. With a highly charged topic: dense living in the periphery, where the city merges into the countryside, where it is not clear what forms of living are feasible beyond the detached single-family house." (Dietmar Steiner)


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The idea of this pioneer project was to develop new types of houses that were surrounded by green space and yet corresponded neither to terraced houses nor to single-family homes. The 16th issue of ÒhintergrundÓ is dedicated to this pilot project. It explores the origins, inspirations and execution of the housing project, explains the framework conditions and the planners’ desires. A project carried out by Hermann Czech, Roger Diener, Max Dudler, Hans Kollhoff, Adolf Krischanitz, Peter Märkli, Marcel Meili, Markus Peter, Otto Steidle and Heinz Tesar.