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hintergrund 06

6. Wiener Architektur Kongress. Wo wohnen wir / Where will we live?

"Where will we live. Where will we live?" was the question we posed to our participants from a wide variety of architectural and cultural contexts at the 6th Vienna Architecture Congress in November 1998. The approaches and answers were correspondingly heterogeneous.



Anette Baldauf deals with the Disney corporation’s illusions of living: inner city utopia versus suburban paradise – the cleansing of Times Square New York and Disney’s model city Celebration.
Mainly located in suburbs and artificial environments, Beatriz Colomina’s object of investigation is also the media house. Her text explores the role of media and experimental presentation situations in the development of the house and housing culture.
Baustop Randstadt, a collective of authors and curators from Berlin presented some research results on the life and (non)-housing of refugees using the example of Berlin. A non-existent housing designation as a prerequisite for residence and housing permits for asylum seekers is just one cynical example of how Western affluent societies deal with refugees.