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hintergrund 02

3. Wiener Architektur Kongress

This issue of hintergrund 02 contains 3 contributions by Angelo Bolaffi, Stefano Boeri and Dzevad Karahasan, which were held at the 3rd Vienna Architecture Congress on the topic "Commonplaces / Conventional Thougths in Chaos Europe".



At that time, Angelo Bolaffi presented insights into the Italian political situation that are still (or already again) relevant today and also reveal some astonishing parallels to today’s domestic political situation in Austria. Stefano Boeri’s text should be read above all in conjunction with the photographs reproduced in this issue by Gabriele Basilico, with whom he jointly designed the Italian contribution to the 1996 Venice Architecture Biennale. Dzevad Karahasan, in turn, describes the dramaturgical function of the marketplace as a central place of urban identity formation, using Sarajevo as an example.
Also: “That Yellow Bastard”, second and last part and a “Me too” on our spatial (and content-related) situation of a permanent construction site.