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C4 Architekten Fohn + Pfanner + Sillaber + Wengler

Neues Bauen in Voralberg und Tirol 1960–1979

The C4 collective, consisting of Max Fohn, Helmut Pfanner, Karl Sillaber and Friedrich Wengler, is considered a pioneer of New Building in western Austria. The architects of C4 belong to the first generation of "Vorarlberg building artists", who with their architecture set important impulses for a change in building culture and whose work is now documented for the first time in this publication.



The Nüziders elementary school (1960-63) is considered a key work of modern school construction in Vorarlberg. They continued their concept of modern school construction at the Lustenau-Hasenfeld elementary school (1961-64), the HAK Bregenz (1960-65) and the Nenzing secondary school (1965-68). During their creative period from 1960 to 1979, single-family and multi-family residential buildings, office and commercial buildings, and outdoor and indoor swimming pools were also built in Vorarlberg and Tyrol.
The vorarlberg museum, in cooperation with the Architekturzentrum Wien, is presenting the first monographic exhibition on this pioneering working group. The exhibition catalog documents the work of C4 Architects for the first time.