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Assemble. Wie wir bauen / How we build

Hintergrund 55

The book "Assemble. How we build" offers the first comprehensive insight into the activities and selected projects of the successful architecture collective Assemble, which in 2015 quite surprisingly won the renowned Turner Prize for Modern Art, the first ever award to architects and a collective. The working methods of Assemble are illustrated by 10 selected projects. Accompanying essays provide background and reflections.



The London-based collective Assemble has been developing projects at the interface of architecture, design and art since 2010. The current 18 young members are concerned with changing existing social, economic and political conditions through collective action. Their projects, all of which actively involve the public as users and collaborative partners, are prototypes of how a society could build differently. Thus, their name stands for a reconfiguration of existing means within the framework of a participation of different actors on as equal a footing as possible.
The first book on Assemble’s work is now being published to accompany an exhibition at the Architekturzentrum Wien. On the basis of ten selected projects, the book demonstrates the entire spectrum of the work of this extraordinary collective, from realized buildings to furniture designs and urban interventions.
With texts by Angelika Fitz, Maria Lisogorskaya and Lewis Jones, Sonja Pisarik, Niamh Riordan, Oliver Wainwright as well as a conversation with Gerhard Zsutty by Sonja Pisarik and Katharina Ritter.