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Amt Macht Stadt

Erich Leischner und das Wiener Stadtbauamt

This catalog is dedicated to the exhibition "Amt Macht Stadt. Erich Leischner and the Vienna Municipal Building Authority" at the Architekturzentrum Wien (16.06.1999–02.08.1999). Both – the exhibition and the catalogue – offer an insight into the city's bureau that influenced public building in Vienna like no other.


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Erich Leischner, as one of the most creative and versatile of the architects employed in the architecture department of Vienna’s Municipal Building Authority, is an almost ideal embodiment of the institution that, with its highly qualified civil servants, decisively shaped public building in Vienna over a period of about 90 years. With a focus on the interwar period, the exhibition is intended to document the characteristics of the independent architectural approach of this institution typologically and developmentally.