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Best of Austria. Architecture 2012_13

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Published by Architekturzentrum Wien
2014 Architekturzentrum Wien und and Park Books, Zürich
ISBN 978-3-906027-64-7

Best of Austria. Architecture 2012_13 is the fourth in a series of publications that – with great success – brings Austrian architec ture to the broader public. Austrian architecture is defined here as including all buildings designed by Austrian architects that are built both in Austria and abroad. On a biennial basis since 2008, all such projects that were recognized nationally or internationally in the preceding two years – in this case, from 2012 to 2013 – are “called up to take a bow”. The result is a panorama of the Austrian architectural landscape of remarkable magnitude and surprising diversity. The spectrum ranges from minimal architec tural interventions to impressive mega-complexes. The concept is intended precisely to reflect this breadth of architecture production: to present a current cross-section of more than 170 projects, as well as the individuals or teams who have re ceived an award for their involvement in their realization. But this wealth of talent is just a part of the creation of architecture and building culture, because not all extraordinary projects are submitted for awards, and also, the selections made by prestigious juries are always subjective and constrained – in terms of region, themes, and time-frames – by the intentions of the respective prize-awarding authorities. In order to be included in this publication, an award must have “architectural relevance”: this requires that there be design professionals on the jury, and that archi tec - tural considerations be the main focus. Over the years, the Best of Austria_Architecture has offered an impressive collection of Austrian architecture, making its creative and economic potential and achievements for people and the landscape accessible to a wide audience of interested people. The published series of publications titled Best of Austria_Architecture is an initiative of the Austrian Federal Chancellery and presents Austrian architecture to the broader public every two years.

5 Best of Austria. Architecture 2012_13
6 Building is a Vast Domain Vera Grimmer
12 Tourism, Leisure
28 Culture
54 Single Family House
94 Industry, Trade, Commerce
110 Public Space, Infrastructure
128 Education
158 Public Buildings
170 Office, Administration
196 Living
226 Actors
244 Architecture Awards 2012_13
266 Architects
269 Credits
270 Authors
272 Imprint

Published by Architekturzentrum Wien
2014 Architekturzentrum Wien und and Park Books, Zürich
ISBN 978-3-906027-64-7
Concept and Editor Barbara Feller
Organisation Editor (Images) and organisation
Gudrun Hausegger

Copy Editing Dorrit Korger (German), Elise Feiersinger (English)
Translations German-English Ada St. Laurent, James Roderick O’Donovan, Eric Scheufler
Book Design lenz+ büro für visuelle gestaltung, Gabriele Lenz and Elena Henrich, Assistance Katharina Untertrifaller
Image Editing Elmar Bertsch
Printing Gugler Print GmbH, Melk / Donau
Bookbinding CPI Moravia Books s.r.o.
Paper LuxoArt Samt New, 150 g
Font Imago (1982 Günter Gerhard Lange)
Printed in Austria

© Az W 

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